Coffee, cafe, kahwa. Each name is widely known but to not be misled by the strangest term all we need to do is to smell it. This drink, popular all over the world, is produced from coffee beans. In Ethiopia this plant was used in 1000 year BC therefore its history is known much more earlier than it might seem. The next stop in spreading the coffee beans was Yemen, from where it further went through entire Arabia. Then the beans spread to Near East from where the way to Europe is straight. Soon after, those precious seeds went to Brazil which immediately became the biggest importer of coffee in the world.
Today coffee is known in every corner of the world. The rituals accompanying the consumption of coffee are different in every place. The most famous from almost sacral approach to coffee are Italians. This is the place where we can meet with a deep offence by ordering an espresso in the morning or by ordering latte to a dessert. In 17th century Polish people were also famous for drinking coffee in a special way – they used to add selected full fat cream.